Non-Profit Administration



GreenDollarBulletDo you want to optimize your organization’s administrative functions?


GreenDollarBulletStaff can work together more effectively on the mission of your organization rather than on running the it?

GreenDollarBulletYour people can better transform shared beliefs and hopes into action and make an impact in the world?


GreenDollarBulletAre you seeking cost-effective solutions?


GreenDollarBulletThat specifically address your organization’s needs?

GreenDollarBulletThat result in substantial financial savings – with a 200% ROI within 5 years?



A 21st Century Solution for Non-Profits



GreenDollarBulletAre you looking for one integrated ERP* that monitors business protocols?



Redefines how non-profits manage their business processes?

GreenDollarBulletCan be configured to address the needs of individual non-profits?

GreenDollarBulletReduces human errors?

GreenDollarBulletAutomates point & click processes?

GreenDollarBulletTracks progress?

GreenDollarBulletEnsures quality?

GreenDollarBulletSimplifies financial reporting?

GreenDollarBulletSaves money?


*ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

This optional 1-min video describes what an ERP does



Clean Ledgers' Services – What We Offer:


GreenDollarBulletSaaS* Stack Implementation Services (CleanLedgers.com)TrainingServicesEducationProgram


Services include non-profit specific configuration of the SaaS Stack,
data migration & scrubbing, report & dashboard setup,
and audit & 990 preparation support

Optional client interface configuration and process automation

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GreenDollarBulletTraining Services (LearningLedgers.org)TrainingServicesEducationProgram


Program focuses on training non-profit staff to manage and maintain
the SaaS Stack to ensure quality and sustainability.

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*SaaS stands for Software as a Service



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